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New York females

New York Diesel female marijuana seeds has it’s roots in the Big Apple. It’s famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste.

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Charas Marijuana is indemic to Northern India, Pakistan and the Himalayas. It drama a significant and often essential role in the society and ritual

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Bob Marley Sativa

Bob Marley Sativa Maijuana is particularly well right to outdoor agriculture in warmer climates. A tall plant, it produces numerous small yet potent buds.

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G Force Feminized

G Force Feminized  A feminised G-13 hybrid that’s important in yield and super-heavy in effect – not each smoker can drag this lot of Gs! This

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marijuana seeds canada


White Russian cannabis seeds from grave Seeds. These seeds create plants that are unlikely in both look and effect. Our majority classically cannabis indica strain, White

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