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Like6 Tweet0 Google+0 Mexico has a lengthy and chief cannabis custom. The country that coined the period ‘marijuana’ is home to a few brilliant varieties of cannabis which are infrequently seen exterior her margins. The chief antecedent and parent of the Mexican Sativa seed-strain is an award-winning cultivar from the southern prefecture of Oaxaca. To  [ Read More ]

Dutch Dragon Feminized

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Dutch Dragon Feminized from Paradise Seeds. High yields and excellent quality on long sticky colas makes this Dragon of Dutch descent a amazing plant for indoor and outdoor increasing. Due to the grouping of her sweet flavor and physically powerful potency, she is the favorite to a lot of regular smokers. She can become  [ Read More ]

Indica vs Sativa

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Indica vs SativaIndicas and sativas are the two mother genes of marijuana, springing up the astonishing strains that we every one of enjoy. A world of dissimilarity separates them. And those differences are in charge for the variety in the herb-smoking public. But dude, whether you favor indica or sativa, the result  [ Read More ]


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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Multiplicity is the flavor of life, and that’s now one cause this mix of excellent Indica varieties is one of Sensi’s most well-liked selections. Unconquerable cost is any more fine cause – Indoor Mix offers growers and collection of the top quality cannabis seeds at the lowest likely price. The 25 seeds in  [ Read More ]

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 White Widow marijuana seeds, just one of the top seeds you can find. This strain was first developed by a breeder about six years ago. A nonstop cannabis cup champion. And it is a should have for anyone who grows and uses their individual marijuana regularly. Smell: A physically powerful pungency first hits  [ Read More ]

Ganja Dwarf Lowrider Lowryder

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Like10 Tweet0 Google+0 Fresh and experienced marijuana growers regard as Ganja Dwarf [Lowrider/Lowryder] as a fresh cannabis multiplicity that can pave the method for development when it comes to the large range of cannabis breeding potential. The improvement of Ganja Dwarf [Lowrider/Lowryder] incorporated a cannabis variety with a not easily seen form in mind since  [ Read More ]

G Force Feminized

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 G Force FeminizedA feminised G-13 hybrid that’s important in yield and super-heavy in effect – not each smoker can drag this lot of Gs! This strain can go away some emotion stuck to the couch from the quick speeding up of a huge hit or from the unexpected awareness of increased gathering afterwards. The Skunk/Northern  [ Read More ]

Dutch Passion Seeds

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Dutch Passion has been increasing, advance, producing and selling Cannabis (Marijuana) Seeds since 1987, manufacture us one of the primary Dutch Marijuana Seed Companies. During the years we have gained a lot of skill in increasing, producing, and selling best quality Cannabis Seeds. In 1998 Dutch excitement completed a major get through  [ Read More ]

Choosing Marijuana Seeds

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 All the time get marijuana seeds from what you think to be the finest marijuana. Don’t be swayed by unexplained names. If you are not well-known with marijuana of specialist quality, ask someone who bought marijuana seeds before. The flavor of the smoke – its flavour, aroma, and roughness – also depends extra  [ Read More ]

New York females

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Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 New York Diesel female marijuana seeds has it’s roots in the Big Apple. It’s famous for its exotic ripe red grape smell and taste. After all the great stories about the New York diesel feminized marijuana seeds, we decided to get these marijuana seeds from a friend breeder and improve the quality  [ Read More ]